Create an account


Welcome to the Samson IT SmartXPS page. Before you can get started with linking SmartXPS to an application of your choice, you must create a user account. This page explains step by step how this works. If you still cannot find a solution, we will gladly help you with all your questions.

What do you need?

You need a Xelion VoIP telephone solution.

What steps do you need to take to create a user account?

Step 1: create an Api user in your Xelion solution
  1. Go to your Xelion solution. The following page will be opened.

  2. Click on ‘To Admin’ at the bottom left and log in.
  3. Click Administration -> Users to add a new user.
  4. Then click New User in the top left. Enter the personal field and continue.
  5. Click on the User account tab and create a user account. The following page will now be opened.
  6. Fill in the fields. Choose Operator for the role. It is not necessary to use a user license.
  7. Your api user has now been created. You will need this in step 2.
Step 2: Create a user account in SmartXPS
  1. Go to Smart XPS and click Register. The page below opens.
  2. Complete all fields and click Register. A confirmation email will now be sent to you.
  3. Open the confirmation email and click on the link. You can now log in.
  4. After you have logged in, the Xelion data page opens.
  5. Enter your API username and API password of the user you have just created in your Xelion solution.
  6. At the API URL, enter a URL that is structured as follows: https: // <host-name> / api / <version> / <tenant> /. An example of this is
  7. To check if you have used the correct URL you can click on the check mark to the right of the Xelion API URL field.
  8. If you have completed all fields, click on Update. You can now use your SmartXPS account.