Freshdesk VoIP integration with Xelion

Freshdesk is intuitive, feature-rich, affordable software for customer support. Samson IT, together with Freshdesk, has developed a integration between Xelion and Freshdesk. By linking Freshdesk to Xelion, users can call with VolP and use Xelion directly from Freshdesk.


What are the benefits of Freshdesk?

Streamline all your customer conversations in one place

Automate repetitive operations and save time


Work with other teams to solve problems faster

Unify and manage all support-related communication from a single platform

Why integrate Freshdesk with Xelion?

Immediately adds a new contact number when answering a call

Freshdesk opens direct a contact card when you accept a call

Works on Windows and Mac

(Click-to-dial does not work with Mac)