Knowledge base: SugarCRM integration


Welcome to the Samson IT Xelion information page about the SugarCRM integration!

What does the integration do?

  1. Automatically opens SugarCRM subscriber card with an incoming call using the Xelion softphone
  2. Allows you to make calls from your Xelion address book
  3. Start a conversation directly in SugarCRM using the Xelion softphone
  4. Automatically adds & updates contacts and companies in the Xelion address book

What do you need?

  1. SugarCRM account
  2. Xelion VoIP telephone solution
  3. SmartXPS Xelion services account 

How do you activate the link?

  1. Go to the SmartXPS environment and log in with your Samson IT Xelion services account.
  2. Click on the “add application” button in the left menu.
  3. Under CRM links, search for SugarCRM and click on the “configure now” button.
  4. Enter the following for the SugarCRM URL:, with your own company name.
  5. Enter your Xelion account with which we can talk to your Xelion solution. We recommend creating a separate SugarCRM API account with executive rights in Xelion.
  6. Agree to the conditions.
  7. Click on “Request now”.
  8. To add your triggers to Xelion, click on the “send trigger to Xelion” button. Do you want to enter this manually? Then follow the steps under “Activate pop-up in Xelion”.
  9. A new page opens with the Xelion trigger that will be sent to your Xelion exchange, click send.
  10. After saving and sending your triggers your link is active. From now on, every person / company that you add to SugarCRM or adjust will come in Xelion.


Activate pop-up in Xelion

  1. Login to your Xelion exchange with the administrator account
  2. Go to “management” -> “Triggers”
  3. Create a new trigger in Xelion so that the customer card appears automatically
    1. Type: Call connected
    2. Action: Open document
    3. Value:${remoteAddressable:x1syncid}
    4. Condition: ($ {callId}! = “”) And ($ {callLog: incoming} = “1”) and ($ {remoteAddressable: x1syncid}! = Null)
    5. Active: tick


Xelion is now linked to your SugarCRM application!