Knowledge base: Zendesk integration


Welcome to the Samson IT Xelion information page about the Zendesk integration!

What does the integration do?

  1. Create a ticket directly with an incoming call
  2. Connects ticket to existing customer
  3. Start a conversation directly in Zendesk using the Xelion softphone
  4. Automatic recording of the conversation when saving the ticket

What do you need?

  1. Zendesk account
  2. Xelion VoIP telephone solution
  3. SmartXPS Xelion services account

What steps do you have to take to activate the integration?

Step 1: Create API token

You must be in possession of an API token before the initial synchronization can take place. If you do not have these and do not know how to obtain them, follow step 1.

Step 2: Configure SmartXPS

To configure your Zendesk link in SmartXPS, the API token that you obtained from step 1, along with other data, must be entered. If you do not know how to do this, follow step 2.


Step 3: Click-To-Call installation via third-party plug-in

The Zendesk-Application doesn't have a compatibility with Click-To-Call. For the use of this functionality we make the use of a Third-Party Plugin, the configuration of such is explained in Step 3